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Who we are

My name is Bailey Greetham-Clark, owner and founder of BeGreatFitness, an all inclusive community health and well being company driven on making fitness accessible to everyone. Fitness isn't always easily accessible and we understand that. it can often put people off keeping active, so we took away those barriers. All of our classes are welcoming and client specific plus we don't charge a single fee to participate in one of our sessions. 

How fitness has had a positive effect on your mental health

In school, I had to take a year out

due to social anxiety, this had a huge negative impact on my life, but fitness saved me. Once I found fitness and
boxing, I got myself back to school and left with good grades. This helped me realise I wanted to give back to the
community doing something I enjoy, and which had been transformative in my life.

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Who we are

The loss of a close friend and being unhappy in a job where I was undervalued were my core motivations starting Ebb&Flo. Our idea was to work out of a van in a pop-up style but over the course of our journey the stars seemed to have aligned and we have gone from strength-to-strength. We started as we mean to go on, by being authentic. We are regular hard working people making things happen. We don't just offer services and products, we live what we do. We’re true to our word and walk the walk. If we say we are going to do something we will do it. That has helped us to build up a reputable and trustworthy brand. Our high standards ensure unforgettable and memorable SUP experiences that have changed the water culture and scene of an entire town. For us it all started in the water.

Putting people and planet first and our mission to help others and their mental health 

Today we offer stand-up paddleboarding lessons and hire, for seasoned boarders and beginners alike, of all ages too. We look at SUP as an all-inclusive experience. Which is why, this year, we’re making it our mission to empower individuals who experience a range of physical or mental health issues, social deprivation or social siltation through our sessions. We will be offering support through stand-up paddle boarding to build confidence and self-esteem and develop resilience and make friends too. The water sports side of the business accounts, on average across the season, for approximately 70% of our business. Outside of that the 30% is made up from our shop and products, all of which embody our core values and have a regenerative approach.

From our merch, clothing and textile accessories, to candles and jewellery, everything has an element of regeneration. From the materials used to the processes. Even the manufacturers and wholesalers we work with place value on these standards, being recognised as fairwear, by the global recycling standard, GOTS certified, and Peta approved too – with all ink used also being plastic free.

Everything we offer is there for a reason, products and experienced are inspired by the setting that we operate in. Furthermore, we’ve worked hard to ensure each element of the business is delicately interlinked and intertwined coming back to what we do and why we do it. Every decision we make comes back to the question, is it good for the planet and the people.

For me personally any encounter with the natural world, be that and SUP in the sea, a wander around a woods or forest or a walk along the beach, has a huge benefit not only on my physical wellbeing but also on my mental and environmental wellbeing.


Exercise and connection with nature are ways in which i stay grounded and centred, but this is also how i spend quality time with my friends and family, this is how we really connect together as people and its that combination of physical activity, nature and people that make the experiences so valuable, wherever they may be.

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Who we are

CPO (Creating Positive Opportunity) are an organisation that offers people a chance to re-engage with education, training or employment. They do this through a whole person approach, offering additional support wherever needed. CPO embed good health and mental wellbeing into all project delivery, including free access to gym and fitness classes.

How we can help you get active for a positive effect on your mental health

Go Wild Go Free – May half-term activities 

In partnership with Compass Go and ‘May we move together’ CPO will host physical activities during the May half-term; final details to be confirmed.

Go Wild Go Free is a three year Children in Need programme that aims to give young people the chance to lead active and happy lives both during term-time and during school holidays.

Location: Centre4, 17a Wootton Road, Grimsby


Date: 30th May – 3rd June


Location: various, to be confirmed


Contact info:




Cost: FREE


Who is event for: 5 – 18 year olds

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